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Rough Magic

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This is a members only writer's workship community, primarily focused on Pirates of the Caribbean fanfiction, although other fandoms and original fiction are allowed. Email clanfangirl @ yahoo.com if you're interested in joining. Some posts in this community may contain adult content, and therefore I cannot admit anyone under the age of 18.

The Guidelines:

1. You may post any kind of writing (fiction, nonfiction, fanfic, or original) for feedback from other members. Please remember that the purpose of this community is to improve our writing, so you will receive constructive criticism on your work. If you're not at a place where you can face negative comments on a particular piece, you should probably hold off on posting it.

2. I know we're all busy, but please try to post something (even if it's just a drabble), fairly regularly. It makes it easier for everyone to give and receive criticism if we're all opening ourselves up to it equally. Keep in mind that you don't have to post new work - if there are older pieces you'd like to revise, or if you want more general feedback on your writerly tics, feel free to post anything you've written.

3. It isn't necessary to give feedback on every post, especially if the story is in a fandom you're not familiar with. But do try to offer help when possible. We're all here for feedback and it's disheartening to post something and get no replies.

4. Even if someone has already gotten several comments, don't hesitate to add your feedback as well. One of the benefits of a community like this is getting different perspectives, so every comment is valuable.

5. Offer honest feedback, and don't pull your punches, but try to word your criticism as kindly as possible. If you have a negative comment, try to offer a suggestion for how to improve the problem. Balance your negative criticism with positive feedback as well.

6. Flaming, deliberate cruelty, passive aggressive guilt-tripping (e.g., "I guess I should just quit writing, because nobody likes my stories!") will not be tolerated.

This community is moderated by fabu. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.